Characteristics of digital printing technology

- Jul 21, 2017-

The production process of digital printing is simply to say that through a variety of digital means such as: scanning, digital photos, images or computer processing of digital graphics input computer, and then through the computer color printing system processing, by the special RIP software to its spray printing system will be a variety of special dyes (active, decentralized, acidic main coating) directly sprayed on a variety of fabrics or other media, and then after processing, in a variety of textile fabrics to obtain all the required high-precision printing products, Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing technology, there are several advantages: 1. The production process of digital printing makes the original route greatly shortened, the single speed is fast, and the proofing cost is greatly reduced. As a result of the production process of digital printing to get rid of traditional printing in the production process of color separations, film production, network process, thus greatly shorten the productive time. The way to accept patterns, can be through CD-ROM, e-mail and other advanced means, the general proofing time is not more than a working days, while the traditional proofing cycle is generally around one weeks. In addition, the cost of proofing is greatly reduced because of the simplification of the process. Proofing cycle shortening and proofing cost reduction, which is in today's time is money, efficiency is the life of the market competition law, undoubtedly brought more market opportunities for enterprises. 2.The principle of digital printing technology makes its products break the traditional production of color and flower back length limit, can make the textile fabrics to achieve high-end printing effect. Because digital printing technology can be used digital pattern, after the computer to measure color, color, jet printing, so that digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million of colors, breaking through the traditional textile printing and dyeing pattern of the limit, especially in the color gradient, moire and other high-precision patterns printed on the digital printing technology is an unparalleled advantage. In addition, the traditional printing pattern is often "flower back" length limit, and digital printing process can not exist "flower back" concept, thus greatly expanding the textile design space, improve the product grade.