Digital Jet Printing

- Jul 21, 2017-

Digital Jet printing is a system engineering, involving the CAD technology, network communication technology, precision machining technology and fine chemical technology, such as cutting-edge technology, information technology and machinery, textiles and chemical integration of traditional technology products. Because digital jet printing technology involves a lot of calculation and control, it can be said that without today's high-speed computer will not have digital jet printing technology. For now, the development of digital jet printing technology is basically synchronized with the working ability of computer, while the development of computer technology still has no sign of weakening, with the development of computer technology can predict the future digital jet printing technology will also have high-speed development. At the same time, the nozzle manufacturing technology also benefits from the integrated circuit technology, such as etching, precision assembly.   This is evidenced by the continuous presence of modern high frequency and multiple nozzle nozzles. The 90 's computer technology gradually popularized, the continuous digital jet printing machine appeared, to 1995 in carpets, wall hangings and other rugged textile design has been a mature application. Austrian Zimmer Co., Ltd. pioneered the use of carpet digital jet printing prototype, resolution 9-18, using valve spray technology, do not use the usual meaning of the nozzle; its production speed is very fast and can be 16/ min.   However, because of the large spray droplets, the resolution is very low, in the clothing fabric can not be applied. 1995 appeared on-demand inkjet digital jet printing machine, when the main use of hot-bubble nozzle, resolution 300DPI, and then gradually developed to 600dpi, 4-color mainly, can be used in fabrics.