Digital printing proofing than the traditional proofing methods have the following four advantages

- Jul 21, 2017-

1, fast reaction speed digital printing machine with its rapid proofing, can enhance the response to the order of the enterprise, in the shopping malls a step ahead. At present the printing enterprise competition intensifies, the processing price falls, the profit space reduces. Customers from the cost, response speed, quality, service and other aspects of printing enterprises put forward higher requirements, which company first took out samples, will lead one step, get orders.   Improving the proofing speed will undoubtedly enable enterprises to win in many competitors. 2, the cost of reducing the use of digital printing machine proofing, can replace part of the original must be in the circle net, flat screen printing machine proofing work, no longer occupy the machine time.   Generally dozen a type of a machine will often occupy 3-4 hours of time, if the customer is not satisfied, will also be repeated changes, resulting in a great waste of production capacity of enterprises. 3, the proofing effect is good, the customer approval rate high digital printing and traditional printing belong to different systems, many professional and technical personnel are worried that the use of digital printing machine proofing effect is too good, traditional printing can not achieve such effect, in fact, this kind of worry is not necessary. At present, domestic companies to solve this problem, has organized the most outstanding craft personnel in-depth research, and found a solution. The program uses software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect, so that the traditional printing machine in production can reach the proofing effect.   From the color point of view, because the traditional printing paste color gamut is wide in the color gamut of digital printing ink, the use of digital printing machine color effect can also be completely simulated by the traditional slurry. 4, the scope of application is widely available in the proofing of ink active ink, acidic ink, disperse ink (transfer printing), using the disperse ink direct printing is still looking for suitable ink. In the customer sample, if the paper, electronic manuscript to sample, can be used in color separation processing directly with digital printing machine proofing, traditional printing machine can be completed in accordance with the proofing effect of mass production.