The digital process of wallpaper printing

- Jul 21, 2017-

Now the production of murals in the market almost all are using solvent-based inks, which contain a large number of harmful human health chemical products (ink intermediate solvent varieties of ingredients, a lot of varieties, the negative impact on the human body for a long time), the same will also bring pollution to the space environment. As we all know, solvent-based inks in the substrate surface coloring, formation fastness is through the solvent corrosion substrate surface to achieve. For this reason, solvent-based inks are difficult to pass the water-based universal ink made by the national environmental testing. Only the volatile odor of the solvent is unbearable, I do not see the need to do environmental testing. In the processing workshop if there is no ventilation conditions, the operator is intolerable, prolonged exposure to the human body caused by disease, organ damage. Hongsheng water-based ink system to water as a solvent pigment inks, alone in terms of environmental protection, solvent-based inks can be withdrawn from the market!

Needless to be, for digital printing the biggest short board is the production efficiency aspect. According to the different models, the hourly production of 10-30 square meters. If digital printing is compared to a car, the traditional wallpaper production line is the "high-speed rail". This, we have enough sober understanding. What I want to say is that when we accept a new process, the first is to accept its advantages and benefits, and then to constantly lift the board to see if there is room for improvement, which is particularly important. Here, please allow me to defend wallpaper digital printing. At present, the digital printing also needs to be combined with the traditional wallpaper production mode, to create a wallpaper product with the characteristics of the process, so that consumers and the market have more choice, so that our room space becomes more colorful. Digital printing processing principle is "non-contact", wallpaper process of embossing, foaming, deep embossing and other special processing processes still depend on the production line of wallpaper. Printing can be completed by digital printing, to play the characteristics of its technological strengths. The weakness of traditional technology is to increase the convenience of production and reduce the difficulty of realization. One-time investment and reinvestment will require a lot of capital. And the biggest part of digital solution--inkjet printer's input and traditional production line is bucket. Therefore, in the shortest possible time to achieve increased capacity expansion, in order to cope with market changes, grasp the opportunity. Increasing the equipment is the most direct and effective way to improve the efficiency of digital printing. In addition, the production efficiency of digital printing equipment to enhance the evolution of faster, the machine by increasing the number of sprinklers or the layout of the matrix nozzle group can be achieved with the same production efficiency, these new technologies will soon be widely used in front of us.