What is the difference between a textile ink and a digital printing ink?

- Jul 21, 2017-

Product Overview: Non-woven Direct Spray coating ink is a based on nano-pigment, fully in line with the production of ink-jet printing and dyeing machinery professional digital printing and dyeing ink, suitable for non-woven fabrics such as digital ink-jet coating printing. Applicable model: Jetextile Jet silk textile coating ink suitable for all piezoelectric printer equipment. For example, modified from Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, etc. for garment T-shirt printing, cloth inkjet printing and dyeing all models. At the same time suitable for all market existing inkjet printing and dyeing equipment. Product Features: Non-woven digital printing Direct spray paint ink, textile Baiki paint ink for the sole purpose, after rubbing fastness, washing fastness, light fastness, viscosity and other stringent testing, to meet the technical requirements of textile industry. The paint ink using nano-pigment manufacturing, not plugging nozzle, waterproof, scratch-resistant, washing fastness, the sun fastness of 7-8, do not contain prohibited textile pigments; the printing process is short, green environmental protection, spray printing after the fabric feel soft, bright color, excellent ink fastness to light. Application process: cloth-like finishing-digital proofing-drying/drying-spray fixing agent-drying/drying-baking/Direct heating note: Non-woven digital printing Direct spray paint ink as a digital fine chemical products, will be due to time, temperature, humidity, light and other factors affecting chemical changes. Therefore, in the process of storage, transportation and use, it should be stored, transported and used in full accordance with the conditions provided by the manufacturer. Hue: Non-woven digital printing Direct spray paint ink for different models prepared a different hue 4-8 color pigment ink. Packaging and preservation: 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5kg, 20kg packaging, airtight, light, placed in 5-25 degrees Celsius environment.