What is the difference in the direction and field of application for the digital printing of textiles, the two types of direct-injection and lead-band structures? Is it related to fabric material?

- Jul 21, 2017-

The choice of printing process is determined by the main components of the fabric. The choice of printing machine depends on individual product market positioning.

From the printing process, all digital printing process through the "Ink Direct injection" link, and single from the entire printing process, "Digital direct injection" is currently only applied to two fields, one is suitable for most of the fabric of "paint digital Direct injection", paint ink will be sprayed directly on the fabric, and then after the High-temperature baking to make the paint ink solid color; One is the polyester Digital direct injection, which will disperse dye ink directly on the fabric, and then after the high-temperature baking to make dye ink hair color, This process is suitable for printing banners and banners. The above two kinds of direct spray printing process are "physical printing", suitable for the introduction of washing treatment equipment, small printing enterprises and personal use.

Similar to pure cotton, nylon, elastic, especially like thin and fragile silk natural fabric, the aspect ratio or local tensile affected by artificial cloth can not accurately locate print image, therefore, the use of conductive belt-type printing structure, guide belt coated with adhesive tape used for fixed fabrics, guide belt printing machine using servo drive system and laser testing mechanism, to ensure the accuracy of printing to the position and the smoothness of the fabric in the printing process.