3D Lenticular Lens Film, Multi Lens Film, 3D Laminating Film

- Sep 28, 2018-


3D Lenticular Lens Film, Multi Lens Film, 3D Laminating Film Basic Info.


Model NO.:3DTLF


Usage:Packaging Film


Application:3D Thermal Laminating Film for Packaging


Type:3D Film


PP Display Film Material:BOPP


Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion






Name:3D Lenticular Lens Film, Multi Lens Film, 3D Laminat

PP Display Film Paper Core:1 Inch (25.4mm), 2 Inch(50.8mm) 3"(76mm)


Reel Width:From 180mm to 1200mm


Reel Length:From 1000m to 3000m


PP Display Film Thickness:From 35micron to 50micron


Manual:by Heat Laminator


Customized Service:Available


Joint:≤ 1


Patterns:Over 180 Patterns


Specification:Length From 1000m to 3000m




HS Code:3920590000


3D Lenticular Lens Film, Multi Lens Film, 3D Laminating Film Product Description

*Three Dimensional Thermal Laminating Film
*Transparent or Metalized appearance
*High tearing strength
*Excellent Adhesion

Brief Description
3D Thermal Laminating Film is one of the laminating films we are producing.
It has both transparent, metalized silver and colorful finishes.
the surface shows  3D visual display, enhancing elegance of a laminated work.
three dimensional thermal laminating film is based on PP + EVA that can be laminated by heating.

customized service available
Features of 3D thermal laminating films
High optical density
Moisture *& heat resistance
High tearing strength
Excellent Adhesion strength
Good anti-shrinkage and anti-abrasion capacity
Special protection to photography
Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and pollution-resistant
Never getting faded nor yellowish

Application of 3D thermal laminating films
Graphic images
Wedding albums
Newspaper journals
Calendars or magazines
Greeting cards
Paper lamination
Book or notebook cover
Product Data

Type of 3D Thermal Laminating Film:  Transparent, Metalized silver and colorful
Thickness: 35micron to 50micron
Reel Width: 180mm to 1200mm
Reel Length: 1000m, 2000m, 3000m,
Joint: ≤ 1
PaperCore: 1 inch (25.4mm); 3 inch (76mm)
Operation: by dry or heat laminator



ITEM 3D Photo Album Laminating Film
Brief  Introduction Multi Lens Film is one of the laminating films we are producing.
It has both transparent, metalized silver and colorful finishes.
The surface shows  3D visual display, enhancing elegance of a laminated work.
Three dimensional thermal laminating film is based on PP +  EVA that can 
be laminated by heating.
Type Transparent, Metalized silver and Colorful
Thickness 35micron to 50micron
Reel Length 1000m, 2000m, 3000m,
Reel Width 180mm to 1200mm
Joint ≤ 1
Paper Core 1 inch (25.4mm); 3 inch (76mm)
Operation By Dry or Heat Laminator

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