3mcotton/Polyester /Polycotton / 3.2m Inkjet Canvas

- Dec 08, 2018-


3mcotton/Polyester /Polycotton / 3.2m Inkjet Canvas Basic Info.

Model NO.:D440BML
24/36/42/44/50/60inch:12m, 18m
1.52m Solvent Canvas:1.27m Solvent Canvas
1.625m Solvent Canvas:0.914m Solvent Canvas
Transport Package:4 Rolls/Carton
Inkjet Canvas Specification:24" 36" 50" 60"
HS Code:5901009090

3mcotton/Polyester /Polycotton / 3.2m Inkjet Canvas Product Description

    100% Cotton canvas rolls - Matt 440gms - 18 meter canvas rolls! 

Our matt, cotton blend inkjet canvas is bright white and coated with an instant dry surface giving an excellent colour gamut for digital photo and fine art reproductions. This highly flexible polycotton canvas gives excellent crack resistance for mounting and has a even texture for mass production, 

Inkjet Canvas Features: 
*Instant dry & water proof surface
*No edge cracking & Seedless
*Natural white for excellent vibrant colours
*Compatible with HP, printer and so on
*Compatible with dye & pigment inks
*440gms for neat corners & tight stretching
*Stretchable for Framing
*Heavyweight Quality
*Outstanding Color Gamut and Resolution
*OEM packing available
*Sample rolls available

Inkjet Canvas Available Sizes: 
17" (43, 18cm) X 18mtrs roll
24" (61, 00cm) X 18mtrs roll
36" (91, 40cm) X 18mtrs roll
42" (107, 0cm) X 18mtrs roll
44" (111, 8cm) X 18mtrs roll
50" (127, 0cm) X 18mtrs roll
60" (152, 0cm) X 18mtrs roll

3mcotton/Polyester /Polycotton / 3.2m Inkjet Canvas Application Ranges: 
*Commercial/residential decoration
*Art printing ( wedding picture, portrait, Photographic, art studio)
*Archaize painting art
*Oil painting reproduction

Packing: From inside to outside is: Inside tube, canvas, dry agent, plastic bag, plastic bulkhead, small carton, big carton(usually 4 rolls in one big carton) OEM Service

ItemCode NoDescriptionWeight(G/M 2 )Support ink
1D390BGWWaterproof Micro porous Canvas390G/M 2Pigment, Dye
2D260PGWWaterProof High Glossy Polyester Canvas260G/M 2Pigment, Dye
3D440BMLWater Resistant poly cotton Canvas440G/M 2Pigment, Dye
4D375CMLWater Resistant cotton Canvas375G/M 2Pigment, Dye
5D380BMLWater Resistant Polycotton Canvas380G/M 2Pigment, Dye
6D370CMLWater Resistant cotton Canvas370G/M 2Pigment, Dye
7D240PMWater Resistant Polyester Canvas240G/M 2Pigment, Dye
8D260PMWater Resistant Polyester Canvas260G/M 2Pigment, Dye
9D280PMWater Resistant Polyester Canvas280G/M 2Pigment, Dye
10D125PMWater Resistant Polyester Canvas125G/M 2Pigment, Dye
11D235PGSLEco-solvent Semi Glossy Polyester Canvas235G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
12D350CGSLEco-solvent Semi glossy cotton Canvas350G/M2Solvent, Eco-solvent
13D390BGSLEco-solvent Poly-cotton Canvas390G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
14D440BGSLEco-solvent Semi Glossy poly-cotton Canvas440G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
15D230PGWater based High Glossy Polyester Canvas230G/M 2Pigment, Dye
16D240PGWater based High Glossy Polyester Canvas240G/M 2Pigment, Dye
17D375CGWater based High Glossy cotton Canvas375G/M 2Pigment, Dye
18D150NMWater Resistant Non-woven fabric150G/M 2Pigment, Dye
19D160NGSEco-Solvent High-glossy Non-woven fabric160G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
20D160NMSEco-Solvent Semi-glossy Non-woven fabric160G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
21D175NSWPEco-Solvent Semi-glossy Non-woven paper175G/M 2Solvent, Eco-solvent
22D175NWPWater Resistant Non-Woven Paper175G/M 2Pigment, Dye
23D500BLMBlock out Printable Canvas500G/M 2Pigment, Dye

3mcotton/Polyester /Polycotton / 3.2m Inkjet Canvas