Change The Ink Cartridge Notice

- Jul 21, 2017-

Be sure to follow the steps in the Operation manual when replacing the ink cartridge. The printer's measurement of the ink capacity is counted using the electronic counter inside the printer, and during the cartridge replacement process, the printer resets the electronic counter inside it to confirm that a new cartridge is installed. Please note the following points: 1, can not touch the ink box at the exit, in order to prevent impurities into the ink box; 2, don't slam the Ink box, in case of leakage of ink; 3, ink with conductivity, if the leakage on the circuit board should use anhydrous ethanol wipe, cool dry and then power, otherwise it may damage circuit components; 4, the ink box should be kept in the dust-free place, the preservation temperature should be between -10℃-+35℃.