Eco Solvent Polyester Inkjet Cotton Canvas for Latex Printing

- Aug 25, 2018-

Eco Solvent Polyester Inkjet Cotton Canvas for Latex Printing Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SO-PCG400

  • Origin: China

  • Solvent Based Inkjet Canvas Polyester and Cotton Blended: Fine Texture

  • Specification: ISO2000

  • HS Code: 59010090

Eco Solvent Polyester Inkjet Cotton Canvas for Latex Printing Product Description


Solvent Based Inkjet Canvas Specification:

Product:                         400gsm  Solvent PolyCotton Canvas Glossy
Item Code:                    SO-PCG400 

Canvas Base:               Cotton60%-polyester40% blend canvas

Weight:                           400gsm 
Thickness:                     21mil 
Tensile(warp):              1533N/5cm 
Tensile(weft):                782N/5cm 
Tearing Strength:         76N/mm 
Tearing Strength:         37N/mm 
Whiteness:                    >85% 
Transparence:              <10% 
Inksupport:                    Ecosolvent,UV,Latex

Finish:                            Glossy/Satin,/Matt , waterproof,

Size Available(W*L):    17"/24"/36"/42"/44"/50"/54"/60"×59'(18M)


Descripton and application:

    400gsm fine polycotton canvas with good texture.wate-resistant.  this canvas is the best choice for art reproduction. it is compatible with solvent and Ecosolvent ink printing. dry instant.



     The canvas roll is packed with a plastic film,and there are 2 plastic protectors on the ends of the roll. each roll is packed with a small box.   the standard packing is that 6 boxes(6rolls) for a big strong carton. see the photos as follow:


This is the packing datas based on the standard packing:




Eco Solvent Polyester Inkjet Cotton Canvas for Latex Printing Handling&Storage:

Store in cool and dry conditions arrond 70oF and 20%-60% relative humidity,always packed with the plastic film when not in use. Never let the roll lay flat on its side for extended period as damage could occur,store standing on end in box with  plastic protectors.

Ink Support Item Code Composition  Weight /Thickness Description
For dye ink only(aquoes) WB-PG110 Polyester 110gsm/3.5mil Glossy finish,
WB-PG240 Polyester 240gsm/7mil Glossy finish,
WB-CG380 Cotton 380gsm/20mil Glossy finish,
For both pigment&dye ink(aquoes) WB-PM110 Polyester 110gsm/3.5mil Matt,even surface,water resistant
WB-PS110 Polyester 110gsm/3.5mil Matt,silk feeling backside,water resistant
WB-PM200 Polyester 200gsm/6mil Matt,Economic polyester,water resistant
WB-PM260 Polyester 260gsm/8mil Matt,,water resistant
WB-PM300 Polyester 300gsm/12mil Matt,Fine texture,water resistant,non-cracking
WB-PM360 Polyester 380gsm/20mil Matt,nice texture,thicker,water resistant
WB-CM260 Cotton 260gsm/9mil Matt,,water resistant,non-cracking,
WB-CM380N Cotton 380gsm/18mil Matt,water resistant,non-cracking,natural brown backside
WB-CM420 Cotton 420gsm/20mil Matt,Fine texture,water resistant,non-cracking
WB-PCM380 Polycotton 380gsm/10mil Matt,Fine texture,water resistant,non-cracking
WB-PCM420 Polycotton 420gsm/22mil Matt,Fine texture,water resistant,non-cracking
WB-NW150 Non-weave 150gsm/7mil Matt,Fine texture,water resistant,non-cracking
For  eco,solvent and Latex ink SO-PM080 Polyester 80gsm/3mil Matt,soft flag fabric,opacity<10%,waterproof
SO-PG120 Polyester 120gsm/4mil semi-glossy,waterproof,
SO-PG120PVC Polyester 120gsm/4mil glossy,waterproof,PVC coated
SO-PG260 Polyester 260gsm/8mil semi-glossy,waterproof,fine texutre
SO-CG380 Cotton 380gsm/20mil semi-glossy,waterproof,fine texutre
SO-PCG400 Polycotton 400gsm/20mil semi-glossy,waterproof,fine texutre
SO-NW150 Non-weave  150gsm/7mil matt,semi-glossy,waterproof,
2.8m Wide Canvas For  Ecosolvent and Latex ink SO-PM290 Polyester 290gsm/15mil wall canvas,super wide,matt/semiglossy, waterproof
SO-NW360 Non-weave  360gsm/25mil wall canvas,super wide,matt,rough texture, waterproof
SO-PS260 Polyester 260gsm/13mil wall canvas,silk shining,semiglossy, waterproof

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