Effect Of Quality Of Toner On Printing Effect

- Jul 21, 2017-

1 Bad quality toner, in the humid and temperature changes in the use of the environment, a little longer, will produce caking phenomenon, the use of the process of the toner cartridge components will damage, thus affecting the quality of imaging, and will shorten the life of the toner cartridge. 2, the printer through the Fuser roller to heat the toner, in order to melt the toner into the paper, different printers, fuser roller heating temperature will be biased, the melting point of a wide range of toner, and different printers of the fuser roll with good performance, use in different printers have achieved good print volume. 3, the melting point of a narrow range of toner, printing quality is not stable, when the melting point of the toner is higher than the fuser roller heating humidity, the carbon powder melts insufficiently, cannot completely penetrate the paper fiber, causes the image to fuse not to be solid; When the toner melting point is lower than the Fuser roller heating temperature, the toner is too softened, will stick to the fuser roller, pollution fixing roller, easy to rub dirty printing paper.