Film Color Don T Distinguish

- Jul 21, 2017-

Identifying the color of the film is a basic problem in prepress. For some beginners, the main method is to observe the film in the lower corner of the color standard, such as CMYK logo, but without these signs, what to do? We use the following method to differentiate this problem.

Collapse Hierarchy Distinction

This method is very useful for black and yellow. In general, in the four-color version, black version of the more to the short copy, so the level is very small, easy to identify; yellow version? Because in most of the work, the yellow component is heavier, so it looks like the yellow version of the level is very full, very paste, but also better recognized. and the magenta version and the green version, the level is similar, if no color separations experience, this method is often easy to confuse.

Collapse Feature color distinction

Generally experienced prepress workers, using this method to differentiate. Because it conforms to the principle of separations, it is highly accurate to use. We know that after the color separation of the filter, the various versions have their basic color and the opposite color. such as the magenta version, the basic color is magenta, red, blue and purple and black, the opposite color is yellow, green, green and white. As a result, all red, blue, purple and magenta should have a deep black color on the magenta film. We can find some relevant features, such as red Flag, the Scarlet seal, the lips of the characters and so on, these parts in the magenta version should be dark, and the green version is light. On the contrary, some sky, sea, forest, etc., on the magenta is light-colored, and in the green version is dark.

Collapse Angle Distinction

This is the use of a magnifying glass, from the film color angle to observe. Generally speaking, the yellow version of the angle is always 90°. This is to take into account the characteristics of the weak color version to arrange the angle. Magenta, cyan, black due to the strong color version, so we must avoid the appearance of moire, more with 45° difference of 30 ° angle difference to arrange, namely 15°, 45°, 75°. Strong color version of the angle can be determined according to the characteristics of the manuscript, there is no fixed angle. And yellow is a weak color version, even if the moire, human eyes are not easy to observe. For a square dot and a circular dot, when the fourth ideal angle cannot be arranged in one quadrant, the worst angle is given. Therefore, its angle is arranged in the 90°. Note that because the angle arrangement of the chain point is 0~180°, it is different for the chain-shaped point.

Folding Net flower distinction

If there is proofs, can also use the proofs, the net flower differentiation method. Put a piece of color separation film on the proofs, slightly turn an angle, in the tonal area will appear some colors of the net flowers, that is, moire. If there is a magenta flower, then this film is the magenta version, if the cyan net flower is a green version. Why is that?

We know that when the two dot angle difference between the more hours, the resulting square pattern is larger, more obvious. When you put a monochrome film on the sample, its angle and four-color-like Zhang of the original angle is the same, the film slightly turn an angle, film and four-color-like Zhang of the true Color angle difference is very small, this very small angle is very easy to produce a clear color net flower. This will help us easily recognize the color of the film. To sum up, we can summarize the different color version is a quick and effective way to differentiate.