Film Performance

- Jul 21, 2017-

1: With excellent physical and mechanical properties,

2: Excellent impact resistance, tensile strength, flexural strength, high compressive strength, creep small, dimensional stability.

3: Has the good heat resistance to reach 125 degree and the Low-temperature tolerance below, it has stable mechanical properties, dimensional stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy in a wide temperature range, and can be used under -60~120℃ for a long time, no obvious melting point, melting state in 220-230 ℃, and high viscosity of resin melt due to the rigid molecular chain

4: The water absorption rate is small, shrinkage rate is small, dimensional precision is high, dimensional stability is good, thin film permeability is small;

5: Light stability, but not resistant to ultraviolet light, good weather resistance, oil, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidizing acid and amine, ketones, dissolved in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents, long-term in the water easily lead to hydrolysis and cracking, the disadvantage is due to fatigue strength is poor, easy to produce stress cracking, poor solvent resistance, wear resistance, but modified PC connection glue, acid-proof and sealed