Inkjet Head Cleaning Method

- Jul 21, 2017-

Inkjet Head is one of the most important parts of inkjet printers, inkjet head If the problem, generally in the printing quality is reflected in the phenomenon is that the printing quality is significantly reduced, there are white, color missing, the font is missing strokes and so on. After the ink-jet printer printing quality problems are very common, especially some of the frequent use of domestic ink cartridges, or their own ink-injection users, may be related to the quality of ink. The main reason for this print quality problem is that the nozzle is blocked, or the ink cartridge has no ink. How to deal with this kind of fault, simple and easy to operate is to use the computer above the cleaning tools, at present, inkjet printers in many companies are very high penetration rate, but really fully understand the use of the printer, or encounter problems will use the driver software inside the tool to solve the problem is relatively few, the following I give you an illustrated way to tell you how to deal with this failure phenomenon.