Office Copier Maintenance Skills

- Jul 21, 2017-

Copier is a collection of optics, machinery, circuits and other High-tech compact products, scheduled to exclude, clean up, refueling, mediation is to ensure that the copier deformity operation. The need for aftercare can improve the quality of the copier, delay the service life, save the repair degree. In the process of the copier, its optical system, machine system, circuit system, in addition to the deformity of wear, but also from the copier outside and inside the dust and other debris, resulting in a poor copy character and operation obstruction. Aftercare is important to the copier's optics, development, charging, transfer, separation, electrical electrode fixing, forwarding and other components and toner receiving and other systems to clean or part of the mediation. In general, the optical system of debris will cause a copy of the bottom ash heavier, black spots, the machine system of debris will cause paper jam, photocopy of the stain and so on. is to, in the daily affairs, we want to meticulous copier clean aftercare.