Professional Use for Jewelry, Cosmetics Ads Series Indoor Backlit Film

- Sep 19, 2017-

Professional Use for Jewelry, Cosmetics Ads Series Indoor Backlit Film Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: MJD-Z160

  • Application: Indoor

  • Ink Support: Pigment/Dye/UV/Eco-Solvent/Latex

  • Type: Internet Advertising

  • Surface: Matte

Professional use for Airport, subway, platform ads series indoor backlit film

Item No. MJD-Z160
Characteristic and Application:
Thickness: 185 micron
Weightiness: 230gm
Surface: Matte
Super white, matte finish, instant dry, strong color reduction, color durable; It is widely use for high quality pictures presentation in indoor or outdoor light boxes or design, esp. For airport, subway, platform advertisement, etc.

Professional Use for Jewelry, Cosmetics Ads Series Indoor Backlit Film Support Printer:
Roland, Canon, Epson, Novajet, Mutoh, Mimaki, HP etc. Large format printers and desktop printers.

Solvent Backlit Film Ink Support:
(We suggest this one best use Pigment ink, there are many other backlit film specially for each of other kinds of ink)

Professional Use for Jewelry, Cosmetics Ads Series Indoor Backlit Film Available size:

We produce reverse backlit film(dye ink), front print backlit film(pigmente ink), Eco-solvent backlit film, UV backlit film, Inkjet Plate-making series(Waterproof super transparent, waterproof transparent, eco-solvent transparent, matte transparent film etc. ). Artistic and decorative series( Specially for drawing use film, crastal film, embossed film etc). Film for menu/photograph. Medical image X-ray film( White, blue etc)

We promise all of our backlit film are produced from professional sense and professional team.

Solvent Backlit Film About backlit film:
Backlit film is a kind of advertising material which mainly used for indoor & outdoor advertising light box or window showcase. It needs lighting, if no light, the advertisement vision shows very dim, which the same like flex banner, have a special requirement for light.
The backlit film advertising presents a perfect vision in the dark while there is light shines on it, the whole light box or window will be very bright, vivid and displayed to be high grade, therefore, attracting consumers' eyeballs. It usually advertised in shopping mall window, in front of the jewelry counter or two sides of the subway rail.

The feature of backlit film advertisement is when it works in a standard condition, the image formation is very fine, ink penetration is very well, and it will assure a high quality of color reproduction fidelity. The effect of the ink absorption, transmission, drying, penetration will affected by the varieties of ink, print setting, environment humidity, and temperature. In order to get the best print quality, we suggest user choosing print options according to printer setting, adjusting the ink volume and luster based on its color.

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