Wallpaper Printing

- Jul 21, 2017-

Wallpaper printing, the earliest flourishing in Europe, is an inkjet printer or digital printing machine directly print personalized home decoration wallpaper. In real life people will naturally think of decorative market personalized wallpaper, murals. Wallpaper printing products with colorful, local decorative effect of strong home installed in the market occupies a place. However, due to the low dosage and low environmental level, it is difficult to develop into a market-leading product. Digital printing first greatly expand the color gamut of wallpaper, no longer limited to the traditional process of chromatic limit, you can output unlimited color. Among them, the ink used in digital printing machine is an important core. Wallpaper production or digital technology of the restricted area, from the ability of the ink is not in place, unable to push the door closed together, not to meet purdah beloved. Most of the wall painting/wallpaper providers currently on the market are commonly used in weak solvent ink aquatic products. But the weak solvent ink into the field of decorative materials and the field advocated, adhere to the green concept of environmental protection has a certain distance, its coloring depends on the solvent components in the ink. At the same time, we all know that solvents will be in the printing process volatile into the air, work on the spot has a certain chemical flavor. What markets and consumers need is a truly environmentally friendly and safe consumer product. Jetall water-based Universal Pigment ink One stone stirred up the thousand waves, making industry upgrade, industry changes become possible.